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 They're Back!

I saw my first hummingbirds (2) of the season the first weekend in April! 

When I moved into my home a year ago January, there was a beautiful island approximately 35' x 65' with nothing planted but an orange tree, a golden rain tree and a hickory tree.  The middle of the island was shaded by the trees.  Here is where a planted a holly fern, canna lillies, camellias and gardenias.  There was an existing 4 post pergola so I planted a vine on each post: passion vine, native coral honeysuckle, clematis and mandevilla.  On the side of the island facing west I planted buddlea, firebush, plumbago and orange cape honeysuckle.  The north side was planted with knock out roses, coneflowers, rudebeckia and penta's.  The south side magnificently took on jatropha, purple showers duranta, a snow white rose of sharon, salvias, pentas, coneflowers and rudebeckia.  The entire perimeter was filled with a multitude of orange and yellow day lillies that are evergreen and repeat bloomers. 

I was delighted daily in the numbers of hummingbirds and butterflies I observed from my back porch.  Alas, winter came and all the plants went down save the knock out roses, cold hardy gardenias, camillias, holly ferns and evergreen lillies. 

The good news is, as of the first weekend in April all the plants had new growth and were promising a lovely season of color.  With the new growth came my old delights and friends the hummingbirds & butterflies! 

The moral my dear reader is this: If you build it they will come!

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