What’s the difference when you see a home with concrete curbing around the landscape beds, islands or lampposts? Definition, beauty & elegance added to the curb appeal of the home. Professional curbing is timeless as well as enduring.

Curbing comes in a wide variety of colors (Which are mixed with concrete, never painted on) and patterns stamped into the concrete for a continuous, clean, textured, durable definition around your home landscaping. Curbing also does a superb job of holding your stone or mulch in the landscape bed, not in your yard.

Did you know all concrete curbing is not created equal? What’s the difference between other curbing companies and us? One word, Quality! You can find less expensive curbing with less concrete to sand ratio mix. Will it last? No. Will the stamp/design be clean and crisp? No.

For quality, reliable concrete curbing, call us for a free consultation.